Jo Sias Daniel

Dr. Daniel’s research focuses on the characterization of asphalt concrete materials and pavements containing recycled materials, specifically RAP and RAS, as well as the application of viscoelastic continuum damage mechanics models (VECD) for understanding mixture behavior. Dr. Daniel is currently the lead investigator on TPF 5(230): Evaluation of Plant-Produced High-Percentage RAP Mixtures in the Northeast to evaluate the performance of plant produced RAP mixtures in the laboratory and field in terms of low temperature cracking, fatigue cracking, and moisture sensitivity. She is also currently working with the NHDOT on two projects related to evaluating the laboratory and field performance of mixtures containing RAP and RAS. Dr. Daniel is a member of FHWA Mixture ETG, a past member of the FHWA Models and RAP ETGs, and is currently the chair of TRB Committee AFK50: Characteristics of Asphalt Paving Mixtures to Meet Structural Requirements.