The ICNet Research Guide

About this guide

This guide contains introductory information and specific methods for understanding and conducting research at the interface of climate change and transportation infrastructure. It is designed to be accessible for professionals and academics in the transportation or climate science sectors. It could also serve as an introduction for graduate and undergraduate students to the issues in climate science and transportation engineering. The Infrastructure and Climate Network (ICNet) created this guide for its members and others interested in advancing research on climate and infrastructure. More about the ICNet.

Why is climate change and infrastructure research important?

Our infrastructure is built on the assumption that the climate will stay stable, water levels along shore roads will remain consistent, and bridges will be subjected to floods with known levels and frequencies. The 2014 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, among other scientific organizations, has reported that the climate is warming, in large part due to human activity. Increasing temperatures, precipitation, and rising sea levels will affect our roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure, with implications for public safety and the economy. Accurate, relevant scientific information is needed to effectively plan and design resilient infrastructure for communities now and in the future.

Going forward

This ICNet research guide offers a range of starting points for researchers. You can learn more about climate change and infrastructure before diving into the research components, or get advice on how to pilot a research study in your area. For a new academic research study, the New to Research section of the guide may help you prepare. For researchers who would like to conduct a study or write a proposal on infrastructure and climate change, there is information on where to obtain climate model output, helpful contacts, and examples of research conducted by the ICNet in the guide to conducting a full study.

The ICNet also offers services to support research and/or data analysis. Submission forms for this service can be found on the Research Support page.

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