Tools and Resources

The ICNet is developing a variety of resources and tools related to climate change and infrastructure.

  • Climate Maps & GIS Data: The ICNet members have identified 21 climate indicators of particular relevance to the transportation infrastructure community. The ICNet created a series of maps to illustrate the projected changes for the northeast U.S. as global mean temperature rises.
  • Agency Reference DatabaseOver 60 reports and documents related to climate change and infrastructure have been collected as reference material for projects, proposals, and papers. Resources are primarily from state and federal agencies
  • Climate Model Comparison Tool: View information on observational datasets, raw climate model output, and statistically downscaled climate model output.
  • The ICNet Research Guide: This guide outlines the steps involved with conducting research related to infrastructure and climate change and provides useful resources. There are sections geared toward someone new to this field, a researcher who wants to conduct a pilot study, and a researcher planning a full study.
  • Freeze-Thaw Case Study: A group of REU students conducted a research project during summer 2015 to investigate the potential impacts of climate change on freeze-thaw dynamics in the northeast. This information has important implications for setting winter weight premiums and spring load restrictions to protect people and infrastructure. The students documented their process and lessons learned so others can learn from their experience.
  • The ICNet Guide to Climate Communications: The ICNet has compiled a list of best practices for communicating climate change and tailored them for researchers who might be presenting to industry professionals and agencies in transportation and infrastructure.

Additionally, the ICNet Webinar Series provides informative and interesting presentations about a range of topics.

If you need help with a study or project, you can request research support from the ICNet.

New tools will be added as available. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.