Members of the ICNet are conducting research on a variety of topics, from hydrology and climate model output to pavement, roads, bridges, culverts, and transportation systems. The map below displays these projects based on their geographic scope – local, regional, or broader. Click on each icon in the map for more information, or scroll down to the list below to browse the projects by topic.


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Project List

View the ICNet projects by category, and click on the [pdf] link to see more details about each project.

Climate Model OutputHydrologyPavementRoads, Bridges, & CulvertsTransportation Assets

Assessment of NH Master Plans, Cameron Wake (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Climate change projections for the City of Cambridge, MA, Katharine Hayhoe (Texas Tech University) and Paul Kirshen (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Annual floods in New England and Atlantic Canada: Synoptic climatology and generating mechanisms, Matt Collins (NOAA) [pdf]

Coastal flooding and erosion from severe storms in a changing climate, Qingping Zou (University of Maine) [pdf]

Current and future projections of snow in New England, Jennifer Jacobs (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Extend NOAA Atlas 14 (precipitation data) to New England and NY, Charles Hebson (Maine DOT) [pdf]

Historical changes in annual peak flows in Maine and implications for flood frequency analysis, Charles Hebson (Maine DOT) [pdf]

Hydroclimatic flood trends in New England, Matt Collins (NOAA) [pdf]

The risk of 100-year freshwater floods in the Lamprey River Watershed, Cameron Wake (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Uncertainty quantification of downscaling precipitation extremes, Ernst Linder (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Asphalt concrete evaluation, Jo Daniel (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Climate change impacts on pavement performance in New England, Jennifer Jacobs, Jo Daniel, and Ernst Linder (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Frost heave mitigation using polyurethane foam, Ann Scholz (NHDOT) [pdf]

Impact of moisture and temperature on performance of asphalt pavements, Rajib Mallick (WPI) [pdf]

Increased roadway temperatures impacts on asphalt concrete performance grade binder,
Ann Scholz (NHDOT) [pdf]

Rising sea level impacts on road infrastructure in coastal NH, Jo Daniel (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

Sea level rise and coastal NH roadways, Jennifer Jacobs and Jo Daniel (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]

System dynamics in modeling climate-pavement systems, Rajib Mallick (WPI) [pdf]

Investigation of hydraulic properties of composite arch tubes in a stream bed, Qingping Zou (University of Maine) [pdf]

Roadway seasonal load restrictions during spring thaw, Heather Miller (UMass Dartmouth) [pdf]

Sea level rise for Route 1 bridge designs, Ellen Douglas (UMass Boston), Paul Kirshen (University of New Hampshire), and Charlie Hebson (Maine DOT) [pdf]

Sealing small movement bridge expansion joints – sealant development, testing, field installation, and monitoring, Ramesh Malla (UConn) [pdf]

Vulnerability, criticality, resiliency, and adaptation of transportation systems subject to climate change, Charles Hebson (Maine DOT) [pdf]

Climate change and transportation in Maine, Charles Hebson (Maine DOT) [pdf]

Hurricane Sandy follow-up, vulnerability assessment, and adaptation analysis, Chris Porter (Cambridge Systematics, Inc.) [pdf]

MA Port Authority disaster and infrastructure resiliency planning study, Ellen Douglas (UMass Boston), Katharine Hayhoe (Texas Tech University), and Paul Kirshen (University of New Hampshire) [pdf]