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The Infrastructure & Climate Network (ICNet) is a network of over 60 academics, students, and practitioners who are dedicated to accelerating climate science and engineering research in the Northeastern United States. The ICNet focuses on climate change and sea level rise impacts and adaptation for sustainable bridges, roads, and transportation networks. The ICNet was established in October 2012 with support from the National Science Foundation.

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What’s New?

The ICNet featured in ECEP article 

“The combination of interested, passionate researchers and practitioners in both engineering and climate science along with actively engaged social scientists leads to dynamic discussions and action on some of the world’s most pressing infrastructure issues,” the Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership (ECEP) article states.
“In a short three and half years, ICNet has evolved from establishing the issues and concerns to developing tools and resources for engineers and others who wish to work or understand climate change. A rich series of webinars and presentations covering foundational knowledge, sea level rise, projects & studies, federal & state perspectives, and the more technical downscaling climate model output can be found on the ICNet’s website […] Perhaps the most valuable part of ICNet’s website for research is the Tools and Resources section. This section contains detailed information not available elsewhere.”
“The ICNet community and tools are a unique foundation to support individuals advancing transportation infrastructure and climate change.”

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ICNet Workshop

The next workshop is scheduled for April 6th and 7th, 2017 at Wentworth by the Sea.


Watch ICNet webinars by browsing our archive.

As part of the webinar series, new videos will be uploaded and can be viewed by visiting the webinar page.

Featured webinar

Current State webinarTitle: The Current State of Infrastructure Engineering and Climate Science

Introduction: Climate change and sea level rise analyses and adaptation planning are rapidly becoming part of infrastructure engineers’ world purview. This webinar will quickly get you up to speed on what on what we know and don’t know about the intersection of infrastructure engineering and climate change on the regional and national landscape. Recent findings from national reports will be presented including those from the NCHRP, AASHTO, ASCE, GAO and NCA as well as a fresh perspective about how this connects to regional practice and research needs. Jennifer Jacobs, University of New Hampshire (April 2014)


The ICNet website has been reinvented, and we will be highlighting a few changes each month:

  • ICNet Climate Maps: Maps showing the projected changes for a number of indicators as global mean temperature rises.
  • Agency Reference Database: A collection of over 60 reports and other documents related to climate change and infrastructure