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The Infrastructure & Climate Network (ICNet) is a network of over 50 academics, students, and practitioners who are dedicated to accelerating climate science and engineering research in the Northeastern United States. ICNet focuses on climate change and sea level rise impacts and adaptation for sustainable bridges, roads, and transportation networks.  ICNet was established in October 2012 with support from the National Science Foundation.

ICNet Spring Webinars

ICNet will continue its series of webinars this Spring on topics related to climate change and infrastructure. Webinars are on the last Wednesday of the month 2-3 pm ET.

Our March webinar will explore MaineDOT’s responses to the challenges of building and maintaining a transportation system in a changing climate. April's webinar will provide the current status of Infrastructure Engineering and Climate Change, while May's webinar will cover Storm Surge Risk Modeling and Coastal Engineering Adaptations in a Changing Climate

The Current Status of Infrastructure Engineering and Climate Change

Jennifer M. Jacobs, UNH

Climate change and sea level rise analyses and adaptation planning are rapidly becoming part of infrastructure engineers’ world purview. This talk will quickly get you up to speed on what on what we know and what we don’t know about the intersection infrastructure engineering and climate change on the regional and national landscape. Recent findings from national reports will be presented including those from the NCHRP, AASHTO, ASCE, GAO and NCA as well as a fresh perspective about how this connects to regional practice and research needs. Fresh from the ICNet’s Annual Member’s Workshop, you’ll learn about the most pressing climate change issues including major challenges, innovative adaptive solutions, and timely research with distinctively northeastern perspective.

The ICNet Webinars


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